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  • Why Choose a VoIP Solution
  • Features that really work for you
  • Slash your call costs

Why Choose a VoIP Solution

VoIP Solutions is your number 1 choice for a new VoIP phone system for 7 smart reasons:

  • Everyday low pricing
  • Australia's only 100% Money back guarantee AB – do we do this? And is it under INF or VS? And do we therefore need a page?
  • Huge range of new IP phone systems from all the leading manufacturers like Avaya, Alcatel, LG Aria, NEC, Panasonic, Samsung, Commander and others
  • Ongoing support from qualified technicians
  • Easy payment options as above
  • Everything is in writing and explained in plain English
  • Comprehensive staff training and after sales service as above

Features that really work for you

VoIP offers technology that normal phone systems simply can’t do. Imagine being able to:

  • Work from home and still be connected to your office phone system
  • Take office calls on your mobile phone
  • Connect to your phone system via a laptop or iPad
  • Effortlessly connect offices (small or large) all over Australia
  • Like to find out more? A 5-minute conversation could save you $1000s and revolutionise the way you work. Our friendly VoIP experts are waiting to help you right now so call 1300 247 630 and take the first step to saving a fortune.

Communication has never been easier or cheaper than with VoIP

If you're not currently using VoIP technology, your business is paying the price - literally. As well enjoying enhanced communication features, most companies that switch to VoIP also end up benefitting from massive call savings.

  • VoIP will allow your business to:
  • Eliminate expensive line rentals forever (stop paying Telstra $35 a line!)
  • Save up to 70% on your phone call rates
  • Work from anywhere
  • Take advantage of all the latest business enhancing features

What VoIP solution is right
for your company?

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